From the small PABX to the MAIN SITE, a wide range of reliable and highly efficient solutions.

Braga Moro is present in the Telecommunications market as a market leader as supplier of solutions for DC power supply, HVDC, AC/DC conversion, DC/AC and DC/DC of telecommunications equipment for fixed and mobile networks.

Energy costs and demand increasing, combined with the spread of renewable sources, promotes the implementation of new power architectures, preferably in DC, which allows greater efficiency of networks and companies themself.

Most of the technological equipment works in direct current (mainly 48VDC), however the electrical network still distributes in AC, causing strong inefficiencies.

As more operators will support the EN 300 132-3-1 standard of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the adoption of HVDC (400V-DC) direct current will spread rapidly even in applications historically based and joined to AC power supply.

Unlike the electricity grid, telecommunications networks have been using DC power for some time, mainly due to their high reliability and good signal quality. As TLC devices have switched to DC technology, there is already an alignment between DC power distribution and DC equipment, but improvements in cost and efficiency are still possible.

The 400V DC is particularly suitable for the distribution of high energy over long distances, because it reduces installation and operating costs, improving cable management compared to -48V DC.

The reduction of losses on the line usually also increases end-to-end energy efficiency reducing operating costs.