Lazio 2030: the "Community of Innovators"

On Thursday 4 July 2019, the "community of innovators" of 500 companies including 150 Start-ups and 150 research institutions met at the former barracks Guido Reni in Rome.
This community of innovators will bring Lazio to 2030.

7 awarded projects, including Braga Moro, presented by companies that deal with re-industrialization, by companies in the technology districts for cultural assets and activities, start-ups and research centers. A capital of innovation, knowledge, and entrepreneurship to enhance talent and expand business opportunities made in Lazio.

Lorenzo Tagliavanti, president of Unioncamere Lazio pointed out that the Italians "are historically innovators but what they lack is the sense of community. Only with a "collective" intelligence is it possible to recover the accumulated delay ".

Our Andrea Passanisi has witnessed and withdrawn the award that recognizes Braga Moro's merits in innovation and progress.