ICT and Data Center

At the basis of the value proposition of a 400V DC in the Data Center, there is the need of high availability and efficiency, with a simultaneous reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Since the AC power supply of the electrical distribution network must be converted into DC to be used by all IT equipment and that energy storage systems and renewable sources provide a DC power supply, a typical DC architecture requires less number of power conversions from the network to the chip.

The reduction of these conversions, in addition to saving energy, increases the availability of critical power through a simplified distribution and a reduction of the points of interruption in the energy chain.

A power supply in HVDC provides advantages on the balance of the phases and in relation to the harmonics, reducing the dispersion of energy even in mission critical areas.

Among other DC power alternatives for the Data Center, -48V DC can not be ignored, which is more suitable for contexts where loads are in the immediate proximity of the UPS.

If the -48V solution is not immediately comparable to a traditional AC system in the room, if not through a revaluation of the traditional architecture that also includes an “inverter island” with the introduction of HVDC systems and components, they are today available all the advantages of direct current power also in the Data Center.