GALAXY (Network Monitoring Software)

GALAXY (Network Monitoring Software)

GALAXY is an advanced server-based software for monitoring sites, power stations, electrical equipments and anything that can be made connected through a network that meets the most popular standards.

As a monitoring software, it ranks best in the best-known category of Network Monitoring Software (NMS) although it can offer the end user many more tools about advanced control.

The software arises offering a “multi tools platform” that allows to keep in check the vital and operating parameters of our products. This is why GALAXY was developed with the direct support for the SNMP communication standards, the native protocol on our control boards.

The research and development of an NMS that has features such as a simple graphical user interface but an equally reliable database which relies on, has led to the use of open source environments based on the most popular technologies and programming languages. These features give GALAXY an extraordinary scalability and integration property with different field data acquisition protocols, making this platform suitable for possible integration with the latest technologies that are part of Internet of Things (IoT) contexts.

Nowadays, this compatibility of integrating more and more objects towards the Internet of Things, turns out to be an increasingly requested feature. That's why, day after day, our R&D department does activities that allow us to implement the latest data acquisition technologies in GALAXY, projecting the same towards a unified concept of “IoT Multi Tools Platform”.

You can view a GALAXY demo version in real-time monitoring of some of our products at the following link (registration not required).

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  • Easy access
  • Intuitive GUI
  • User account policy
  • Security
  • Storage database
  • Custom dashboard
  • Data analysis
  • Data history
  • Popup notification
  • Email notification
  • Asset management
  • Map view
  • Real time alarms
  • Alarms view
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Server-client structure
  • Technical support
  • Easy setup
  • Cloud features
  • Scalability

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