Sustainable energy

Braga Moro’s philosophy is inspired upon three key main concepts that allow "sustainable" and "circular" the energy management:

  • Modular energy storage systems applied to domestic photovoltaics and smart EV chargers
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Reduced environmental impact

To enable sustainable and circular energy management Braga Moro is developing projects in collaboration with leading research centers (including “La Sapienza University of Rome - DIET / POMOS Department”) relating to innovative energy storage solutions for applications on EV Charger and domestic PV.

With regard to the efficient use of energy, Braga Moro has developed and continues to study high-performance technological solutions that allow excellent results in terms of energy saving.

Regarding the environmental impact, Braga Moro has always paid the utmost attention to the protection of the environment and pursues objectives of respect for the territory, with particular attention to waste disposal procedures.