Energy storage

Braga Moro provides a wide range of solutions for energy storage.

The main lines of products supplied are:

  • FT batteries: The FT series batteries (Front Terminal) are designed to be used mainly in the TLC field thanks to their particular shape of the front connections.

  • AGM batteries: Wide range of capacities from 1.3 to 200Ah and the possibility to carry out parallels and series, make it possible to solve all the needs not only related to telecommunications but also emergency lighting, uninterruptible power supplies, instrumentation of measure, etc.
    Total lack of maintenance during the expected life.
    Very low emission of gas and low pressure safety valves.
    Ermeticity ensured by the construction technique.
    Safety guaranteed by plates reinforced in a lead-calcium alloy
    Low self-discharge that allows MBESL series batteries to be stored for up to a year without significant loss of capacity or deterioration of characteristics.
    Long storage time because, at a temperature of 20 ° C, the self-discharge percentage is approximately 3% of the capacity / month.
    The operating temperature is between -15 ° C and + 50 ° C.

  • Lithium-Ion and LiFePo batteries, for long-life storage applications and charge / discharge cycles, low overall dimensions

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