Batterie Rack Line

batteria MBELLO45-AB

FT Series

FT (Front Terminal)Series batteries are designed to be used in the area of
communication, whish features on new technology in design, reasonable
in structure and occupying the leading position in the same industry of
the world. The estimated life of FT Serires batteries under float service is
up to 15 years. It can be employed in numerous application in the fields
of telecommunications.


  • Telecom · Communication Equipment
  • Control Equipment · Medical Equipment
  • UPS · Emergency Power System



Tipo Batteria Tensione/Elementi Capcità Codice
AGM Front Line 12V   60Ah MBELL063-A
AGM Front Line 12V   100Ah MBELL045-AB
AGM Front Line 12V  150Ah MBELL046-AB 


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